To highlight the Romanian GEOINT operational capabilities, based on the skills of the Romanian GEOINT Analysts trained inside CGINT, we'd like to quote some appreciations from an article entitled Romania Provides Real-Time GEOINT in Iraq, published by Pathfinder – The Geospatial Intelligence Magazine, NGA, January/February 2006:

"Romania's GEOINT system is an outstanding example of how U.S., Coalition and Iraqi troops on the ground are the direct beneficiaries of multinational collaboration in geospatial intelligence to support operations in real time."

"Exploiting a combination of commercial multi-spectral and multi-temporal real-time imagery and video taken by unmanned aerial vehicles, the Romanian Imagery Intelligence Team was able to identify and track enemy vehicles transporting and hiding ammunition and weapons."

"This clearly demonstrates the critical role that GEOINT provides in support of Coalition military operations and highlights the benefits derived from expanding NGA’s collaboration and cooperation with America’s allies and partners."

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