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CGINT overview
The Romanian Training and Operational GEOINT capabilities are concentrated inside a GEOINT Training and Research Center (CGINT) developed by Military Technical Academy in cooperation with Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), and other national security organizations. CGINT concept is based on National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) GEOINT doctrine, published in 2004.
CGINT is a 400 000 EUROS project financed under the national program for research and development CEEX.
CGINT it’s a development of GEOINT training and research capabilities created inside MTA starting with 2001. GEOINT Training Center performs specific and customized courses (performed on different levels), on Tactical and Strategic Image Intelligence, Image Analysis, Space Mapping, Terrain Analysis, Remote Sensing and GIS. The duration is from 4 to 12 weeks. All courses are NATO IRI/AR compliant (STANAG 3596).

CGINT target
CGINT provides critical spatial information to a decision making process that is necessary for meaningful actions and decisions, based on the fusion or integration of multiple forms of data collected from satellite and airborne sensors, along with a wide variety of other digital geographic information..
GEOINT provides the spatial foundation essential for the analysis of information from all sources, providing the baseline starting point for all geographically referenced analytic efforts. It brings together cartography, imagery analysis, geospatial analysis, geodesy, aeronautical analysis, maritime analysis and regional analysis thus providing unique intelligence capability.
The main objective of CGINT is to elaborate technical specifications and design procedures for creating a pilot center for geospatial intelligence capable of implementing GEOINT concepts and offering an open system using various resources and thus creating a well structured methodology answering the specific needs expressed by the users in the security field.

CGINT Main Application
      Informing national policymakers;
      National security and civil support;
      Supporting military operations;
      Intelligence cooperation.

CGINT research topics
      Exploitation of Aerospace Imagery and Geospatial Data for Change Detection;
      Management of very large databases, smart databases and content based image retrieval (data mining);
      Data fusion and 3D mapping;
      Data transmission/encryption/decryption techniques.

CGINT Center concentrates expertise in the following domains:
      Satellite and airborne remote sensing systems;
      Multi-source data and sensor fusion;
      Advanced image processing methods for feature and knowledge extraction;
      2D/3D dataset visualization, human-computer interaction, high-resolution virtual reality;
      Database mining and information retrieval;
      Geospatial data development, integration, application tools, and enterprise management.

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